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Joshua Allen

Noblesville, IN 46062 • Joshua (at) over-one (dot) studio • over-one.io

I am a solution-oriented Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer that has been developing interactive applications and APIs for 14 years. I have experience leading new development for business-critical applications while engaging with internal and external clients. I am adept at working in a fast-paced environment and delivering projects on time.

Skills & Strength

  • Languages: C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL
  • Databases: AWS DynamoDB, Google Firestore, MS SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Frameworks: ASP.Net, EF Core, .Net, .Net Core, NodeJs, NuxtJs, ORMLite, Service Stack, VueJs, WCF
  • Tools: Bash, GIT, JetBrains IDEs, JetBrains Space, PlasticSCM, Postman, PowerShell, SVN, Visual Studio
  • Libraries: AWS Amplify, Google Firebase, Svix, Vuetify, Vuex
  • APIs: Open Weather, Stripe
  • Software: Adobe Creative Suite, Audacity, Blender, GIMP, Freshdesk, Microsoft Office, Unity, VM Ware Workstation, ZenDesk
  • AWS Cloud: Amplify, APIGateway, Athena, Cloud9, CloudFront, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, Cognito, DynamoDB, EC2, ECR, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk, EventBridge, Glue, Glue DataBrew, IAM, Lambda, NAT Gateway, QuickSight, RDS, Route53, S3, SecretsManager, Step Functions, VPC, X-Ray
  • Digital Ocean: Apps, Functions, Databases, Container Registry
  • Google Firebase: Authentication, Firestore, Functions, Hosting, Storage
  • Professional: dynamic, team-minded, self-motivated, grounded, and methodical
  • Software Engineering Experience

    Carmel Solutions, LLC

    Carmel, IN

    Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

    July 2019 - Present

  • Built and maintained a financial reporting platform using VueJs and NuxtJs in Amazon Web Services.
  • Designed and developed a Payment Processing web Api supporting ACH, Wire, and Credit Card transactions using ASP.Net Core, API Gateway, Lambda, X-Ray, and MS SQL.
  • Contributed to the design and development of serverless APIs using ASP.Net Core, Lambda, NodeJs, DynamoDB, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Utilized devops tooling in Amplify and CodePipeline to optimize the deployment process.
  • Facilitated manual and automated testing to ensure feature stability across frontend and backend services.
  • Participated in Agile software development methodologies and contributed to the development of the project plan.
  • Conducted regular risk assessments and took proactive measures to mitigate risks.
  • Over One Studio, LLC

    Noblesville, IN


    November 2017 - Present

  • Worked on the development of web applications using VueJs, NuxtJs, and PostgreSql in Digital Ocean.
  • Designed and developed 7 unity assets for the Unity Asset Store using C# and Unity.
  • Contributed to the design and development of 9 game applications using C# and Unity.
  • Empowered unity developers with one-on-one support.
  • PAN/PSI Talent Measurement

    Carmel, IN

    Software Developer

    November 2016 – July 2019

  • Built and maintained a scalable educational platform supporting physical testing centers across the United States using AngularJs, ASP.Net, IIS, and MS SQL.
  • Contributed to the design and development of APIs and microservices using ASP.Net, ASP.Net Core, WCF and MS SQL.
  • Participated in architecture discussions to drive consistency across project teams.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to deliver software solutions that met business requirements.
  • NIC/Indiana Interactive

    Indianapolis, IN

    .Net Software Developer

    October 2014 – November 2016

  • Worked on the development of web applications for the Indiana State Department of Technology using ASP.Net, ServiceStack, and MS SQL in IIS and MS Azure.
  • Implemented both Waterfall and Agile methodologies to ensure efficient project delivery and effective stakeholder management.
  • Collaborated with designers and product managers to deliver software solutions that met business requirements.
  • Empowered coworkers with one-on-one guidance to provide support and increase product knowledge.
  • Aura IT Consulting

    Carmel, IN


    August 2018 – October 2018

  • Worked on the development of a warehouse management platform using AngularJs and Xamarin for iOS in Microsoft Azure.
  • Contributed to the design and development of APIs using .Net Core and MS SQL.
  • Applied devops tooling to facilitate continuous integration and delivery of application updates.
  • Engaged with clients to collect project requirements and deliver estimates.
  • Personal Projects


    March 2020 - Present

    A platform that supports local produce growers from seed-to-harvest and connects them with consumers and local distributors to empower frictionless community-supported agriculture.

  • Worked on the development of a web application using VueJs & NuxtJs.
  • Collaborated on the design and development of geographically scalable infrastructure.
  • Integrated Open Weather to deliver location-based real-time weather alerts.
  • Integrated Stripe to collect tips from users to support development costs.
  • Conducted interviews with Indiana produce growers to detect problems and turn them into solutions.
  • Deep Sea

    December 2019 - Present

    An adventure game created in Unity where players take on the role of Amara, a skilled survivalist who is dealing with grief over the death of her grandfather.

  • Worked on the development of a cross-platform video game using Unity.
  • Integrated Unity Cloud Gaming Services enabling Identity Management and Cloud Saves.
  • Implemented various game mechanics and effects, including character animations and physics.
  • Optimized game performance and reduced memory usage.
  • Led a team of 6 individuals of varying disciplines to develop and implement game concepts and mechanics.
  • Computer Science Education

    SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica / Rome

    Utica, NY

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science

    2009 - 2013

    Minor: Technology and culture

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